The Climate Systems Laboratory and Ngā Ara Whetū are partnering with the public interest media project, The Big Q. During this collaboration we’ll be tackling some of the big questions concerning the climate, biodiversity, and society from an Aotearoa New Zealand perspective. Head to The Big Q now to read our first question, “What can be expected from COP27?”

The Big Q (The Project for Media in the Public Interest)  is a website connecting audiences to informed dialogue about science, economics, arts and politics. Academics from across disciplines at the University of Auckland, across America, Europe, Australia and other universities discuss their research on important topics via videos, podcasts, interviews, symposia and opinion pieces.

Ngā Ara Whetū is a Research Centre on Climate, Biodiversity and Society at the
University of Auckland. Ngā Ara Whetū (Star Paths) highlights the ethos of our
centre named for the journeys of our collective ancestors to the shores of Aotearoa,
New Zealand. Ngā Ara Whetū enables and enhances collaborative research and
training via its network of transdisciplinary scholarship at the University
of Auckland in the fields of the natural sciences, social and health sciences, Māori
studies, law, engineering, and economics. It strives to connect this work to
policymakers and the public, engaging Aotearoa New Zealand in environmental