Professor Noone to give Inaugural Lecture

11 August, 2020


The natural sciences that allow us to understand the environment are at the heart of developing strategies to adapt to, survive, and thrive as climate changes. Water is at the heart of many of the most complex problems in climate sciences: understanding the behavior of clouds in a warmer world, how land ecosystems mediate evolving rainfall patterns, and when weather patterns trigger decline of the polar ice sheets. The behavior of these macrophysical problems can be interrogated by knowing the details of the microscopic properties of water: small variations in the abundance of naturally occurring heavy oxygen and hydrogen isotopes in water. Utilizing the stable isotope chemistry requires integrating many scientific disciplines and linking disparate areas of theoretical, observational and modeling techniques. I give examples of the coupling of carbon and water cycles in forests, and in the interaction of forest fire and clouds. I discuss the importance of the sciences which form the kernel that enable evidence-based decision making, and the opportunities for leveraging physical sciences to empower communities to shape their responses to climate change.





Climate Science Rendezvous

Tuesday 21 July
Science Building 303
Room G16


This one-off theme event aims to bring together researchers focused on climate and climate science from all disciplines, hosted by the new Climate Science Research Centre, and the Our World and Universe research theme.

Climate and climate change are topics of wide scope and making progress relies on developing interdisciplinary approaches to link knowledge of underlying processes to a range of related environmental and societal impacts, which together can inform policy. To be effective, there is a need to connect fields of expertise, and strengthen links between difference sciences and stakeholders.

This event is a fantastic opportunity to share the exciting climate research being conducted across the University and a chance for you to help us shape the priorities and network of the new centre.
We’ll be hearing from key speakers working in climate science, including Professor David Noone, Director of the Climate Science Research Centre initiative.

Join us for an afternoon of lively discussion, fuelled by coffee and snacks.


Hosted in conjunction with the Climate Science Research Centre and the Our World and Universe theme in the Faculty of Science.